By Psymposia Host Lex Pelger & Sumaq Esquives

'Anandamide, or: the Cannabinoid'
A graphic novel series about cannabis & the endocannabinoid system based on 'Moby-Dick, or: the Whale'

The CROWN – Volume 1: How to Shoot an Elephant
136 pages based on Chapter 25 of Moby-Dick

Covering the search for the cannabinoids stretching from the Golden Age of Medical Marijuana after the Civil War all the way up to the 1940s when Dr. Adams finally became the first chemist to nail down a cannabinoid's structure with finality by solving & synthesizing cannabinol (CBN)

… as told through an allegory of elephants.

Searching for those slippery lipid cannabinoids in the old Indian hemp plant turned out to be like attempting to study invisible elephants…
on distant planets…
with shitty telescopes.

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